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Strategy & Roadmaps

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Operations & Projects
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Change Management

Strategy & Roadmaps

•Circular Economy roadmaps and Sustainability reports

•ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) Assessment and Reporting using international standards (GRI, SBTi, TCFD,...) and Rating

•Market intelligence on waste treatment solutions and off-takers business opportunities (footprint, challenges, players..)

•Carbon footprint assessment and accounting, including Carbon Credit registry

•Alignment with Government regulations and latest policies and initiatives to drive the company business in line with the country Ambition plan

Strategy & Roadmaps
Operations & Projects

Operations & Projects

•Energy and Material recovery solutions (Alternative fuels, alternative raw material for heavy industries, Municipal waste, green waste, hazardous waste, pre-sorting facilities )

•Domestic Wastewater treatment solutions

•Risk assessment and mitigation plans

•Sourcing strategy implementation (category management, SCM, score cards, KPI, procurement standard agreements)

•Solar Energy business cases (technology and financial models)

•Feasibility studies and Project management from pre-design, to basic engineering design to commissioning, to technical assistance throughout the project

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Young People at a Workshop

Change Management

•Training program for skills and knowledge upgrade

•Leadership excellence program

•Awareness and Employee engagement

•Environment Social Governance awareness program

•Corporate Social Responsibility activities/ Team building sessions

•Behavioral change programs

•Intercultural workshops

•People assessment using International methodologies (Reiss Motivation Profile-RMP, Blanchard,...) 

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