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 Case Studies

ESG Assessment

Client request: planning to launch a first-time sustainability report but is not sure where to start, what to do and who to get involved within its organization

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Reviewing Reports at Desk

Waste to Energy

Client request: to launch a new business line within their waste management portfolio and include Waste-to-Energy

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Alternative Fuels

Client request: a cement factory is looking into reducing its carbon footprint and wants to benefit from the country waste volume

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Client request: has access to a significant volume of green waste and looking to value the outputs and create a business opportunity

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Based on the specific sector they are in and on a benchmark with the local market, we set together with the client its priorities for their sustainability objectives. We launch a full company assessment and define a clear action plan with measurable milestones and KPI to monitor its commitment using international standards (GRI, SBTi,...)

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We assess the plant co-processing and performance to evaluate possible waste sources that can be used with existing fuels and raw materials. We then conduct a business plan with local prices and energy costs comparison and we propose pre-processing and co-processing modifications to increase the EBITDA of the company.

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We assess the market needs and local players to insure the new business line will be profitable and that there will be off-takers of energy produced. We analyze the waste volume and quality to adjust the suitable solution. We review the latest technologies and innovation in the WtE domain and we pre-design the industrial project and assist during implementation

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We assess the quality of incoming biomass, evaluate the potential by-products after treatment based on market demand and propose a pre-design with technology providers to insure the best suitable treatment solution. We assist the client during RFQ and commissioning phases

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