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ECOsquare is an Advisory and Project Management company that provides services to private and public sectors that fall within the Circular Economy and Sustainability related domains. From Strategic sustainability analysis to ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) assessment, to Carbon footprint accounting, to pre-design of industrial projects for waste treatment solutions and to commissioning of installation support, we identify our clients needs and help them roll out their strategy till implementation and full satisfaction.


With a handful of highly skilled experts, coming from various industries and large corporations and with international experience around the globe, ECOsquare brings knowledge and latest technology solutions to its customers in order to support sustainable business growth. Our span of activity ranges from design of material recovery facilities, to manufacture of by-products from waste, to carbon accounting and carbon credit registry and to leadership and change management programs.  


By sharing Best-Practices and Innovative Technologies that are supporting the shift to a more sustainable world,  ECOsquare is always at the forefront of the latest sustainability trends and participate to numerous conferences and Think-Tank to engage with its peers and share insightful professional talks.

AbuDhabi Sustainability Week, Recycling Week, Environment Swiss Business Events, Energy Transition Dialogues, Gulf Sustainability Awards are some of the events and venues where we are regularly featured.

Message from CEO: Our Purpose

GSA21 Riad Bestani _edited_edited.jpg

"In the new post-COVID world,  Sustainability has emerged as a business necessity. Governments, civil society, investors, corporations and small businesses,  along with the young generation, are all asking for a new mandate that will insure the planet we leave behind us will have sustainable resources to meet the needs of the future generations.

ECOsquare, a company created in 2021 during the pandemic in the UAE is building this bridge "where ECONOMY meets ECOLOGY,” our motto that brings together two notions to demonstrate that Sustainability and Profitability can work hand in hand.

While we all know the way we produce and consume the finite resources is not sustainable in the long run with the growing world population, Circular Economy is one key element of the toolbox to tackle the issue. We have technologies, resources, innovations that can help us overcome this challenge. As an alternative to Linear Economy, the Circular Economy has already shown great potential to participate to the growth of companies and societies by creating new jobs, new solutions, new products from the waste that was previously disposed of."

Riad BESTANI, CEO of ECOsquare

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